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Childcare & Preschool

Southeast Little Learners Preschool provides part- and full-time care, including before and after school care options, in an inclusive learning environment for babies, toddlers, children, and preteens. 

So Much More Than Childcare​

  • An inclusive environment for developing minds

  • Evidence-based curriculum
    to nurture a love of learning
  • Daily sensory activities/crafts embedded into the learning environment

  • Outdoor learning and exploration in the fresh air

  • Community field-trips to our nearby city park
  • Close proximity to local elementary schools and the junior high school 

  • A learning environment designed for success and independence

  • Specialized and skilled staff members

  • Onsite speech therapists providing classroom support and private services 

  • State-licensed program accepting state subsidy 
nurturing daycare environment

Dedicated Infant Room

6 Weeks to 24 Months

Do you need a nurturing daycare environment for your sweet baby? Your infant will feel safe, loved, and happy while in our care with personalized attention and stimulating activities.

engage your toddler in exploration, play, and learning

Toddler Care

2 to 3 Years

Is your toddler or child ready to take on the world? Our toddler care and early learning program will provide gentle guidance to engage your toddler in exploration, play, and learning.

lay a strong academic foundation


3 to 6 Years

Are you looking to lay a strong academic foundation for your child? Our preschool program will inspire a love of learning while fostering independence and self-confidence. Every day your child will be actively learning and having fun!

Before & After School

6 to 12 Years

Do you need a safe and supportive environment for your child before/after school or during school breaks? We offer part-time care options for children up to age 12.

A Typical Day

  1. We begin the day with free play and self-care routines to foster independence for handwashing and using the bathroom

  2. After clean up, we move to circle time where we sing, read, and work on important social-emotional skills like listening to our friends, taking turns, and sharing

  3. After breakfast, we head outside for recess and gross motor time 

  4. During our morning centers time, children are grouped by age and rotate between literacy enhancement and art

  5. Following centers, we come together for sciencetime 

  6. Next up is a healthy lunch, followed by quiet time, and then back outside for some fresh air and free play

  7. Afternoon centers are followed by another healthy snack and child-directed learning indoors or outside (weather permitting)


Yes! Full-time is the ability to attend Monday-Friday. Part-time is the ability to attend the preschool 4 or fewer days a week (these days will be the same each week).

Yes! Each family gets one-week of “vacation” per calendar year where they do not have to pay that week’s tuition. 

Yes! We are a state-licensed facility that accepts payment from the state for your child’s enrollment. 

Yes! Please check with your student’s school building to determine if they offer transportation to our center. At this time we do not offer transportation to and from our facility.

Early Literacy in Action: The Language-Focused Curriculum for Preschool which emphasizes the development of language skills as a key to learning. Both the curriculum and our teaching are inclusive of children of every ability and will support each child in learning and growing through individualized learning opportunities. 

We usually don’t have time! The exceptions are when we have inclement weather where the kids cannot go outside.

Check, Cash, or PayPal. 

Southeast Little Learners is closed in observance of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, open until noon on Christmas Eve, and closed all of Christmas Day. A full week’s tuition must be paid during these weeks. A sign-up sheet will be issued to reserve care for the following days: Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

Yes! This will be based on current therapist availability and the availability of the family for the student to receive in-home therapy. 

Our policy and evidence-based practice show that positive based reinforcement strategies are among the most impactful for our learners. Southeast Little Learners Preschool will use the  following strategies for managing all student behaviors while in attendance:

  • Use “first, then” statements to assist the child in understanding that completion of required tasks is followed by preferred items (e.g. First pick up the toys, then it is time for a snack). This helps reinforce the completion of learning tasks and keeps children moving through their learning experiences

  • Do not respond to attention-seeking behaviors in ways that reinforce unwanted behavior if children are engaging in undesired behavior (complaining, stomping foot, etc) 

  • Assist children in identifying alternative actions in the presence of unwanted behavior (“if you want help you could say ‘help me please’)

  • Model appropriate communication and manners to children in all learning experiences (e.g. requesting items, requesting social communication from peers and adults, transitioning within learning tasks, requesting help) 

  • Use child-directed learning where children pick appropriate preferred items with which to interact once work tasks are completed

  • Assist children in interpreting their own emotions

Our goal with these strategies is to: 

  • Help children obtain meaningful social interactions with both adults and peers in an acceptable way.

  • Teach children to ask for help and other items when needed 

  • Understand the needs of others around them and that give-and-take relationships are necessary to obtain what they want 

  • Build communication skills and language

  • Build listening and direction following skills

  • Help children understand safe actions within their environment

  • Help students identify their emotional states and strategies for managing the state they are in based upon a given situation 


Southeast Little Learners Preschool will not use:

  • Physical punishment of any kind

  • Harsh or abusive language towards any child

  • Any procedures that would knowingly neglect, frighten, or cause physical/emotional harm to a child

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